Penmob Launch Day

Get the Most Out of Penmob

Writers are you ready? We’ve launched! Sign up now. Penmob’s founder Alex and I have some tips to help you get the most out of Penmob right from the start.


Prep Your Piece Before You Post

When you post a piece to Penmob you set a budget for edits. To give your editors more room to take a deep dive into your piece – developmental editing is our speciality, after all – knock out all the lightweight edits like typos and misspellings yourself. Prep your piece by:

  • Running your document through a spell and grammar check
  • Reading it out loud to yourself to catch any clunky, awkward sentences
  • Giving it one last look before you turn it over to our editors

Don’t worry, there’s always going to be a few things you won’t catch until after you hit send. But by taking care of as many of the little edits as you can, you’ll be giving your editors a chance to take on the bigger, more challenging edits that can really take your piece to the next level.


Know What You Want

Penmob gives you the option to apply tags to your piece. These tags tell editors the type of edits you’re looking for. You can also write it out in the description on your public post. Some examples of the type of information editors will find helpful:

  • “I know this short story needs more character development, but I’m interested in focusing on structure and plot right now.”
  • “I’m a former spelling bee champ, but can’t spot a comma splice to save my life. Please focus on grammar.”
  • “I can’t figure out how to fix the pacing in this piece. Can you point out areas where the pacing is too slow or too fast?”

Tagging your piece will also make it easier for editors to find the pieces that best match up with their strengths. So, if you tag your piece for “copy editing,” then editors who have mastered the art of the copy will gravitate toward your project.


Get Active in the Comment Thread

After the editors have a go at your piece, be sure you respond to their comments. This interactive aspect of Penmob is how we help create that virtual writers workshop experience. Talking over your work with other writers and editors can help you make connections you didn’t see before. It also helps your editors get a better feel of what your expectations are and will be beneficial in future edits.


Got More Questions?

If you need more details about how Penmob works, check out:

We can’t wait for you to have your first Penmob experience. And, since we’re brand new, feel free to share any feedback you may have. Interested in being a Penmob editor? Join here.