This blog features extra information on how to improve your craft as a writer or editor, a behind-the-scenes look into Penmob, and, in the future, roundtable discussions on writing.

Penmob is a new online workshop for writers and editors. It started from a desire for a more open and collaborative writing experience. There are plenty of platforms to publish finished work, but getting to that point always felt like a black-box process. Either you’re an established writer with publishers knocking down your door, or you’re everybody else.

So I wanted to open it up — make the feedback process less like a job hunt for the right freelance editor, and more like a writing workshop.

This introduced an interesting benefit for editors, too. If you’re an editor, you can piggyback off of an ongoing discussion with a lower barrier of entry. Since one editor isn’t responsible for the entire start-to-finish process, you are free to focus on your strengths.

Be sure to check out Penmob’s home page — the signup form will let you be the first to know when we officially launch.