What Is A Writers’ Workshop?

What is a writers' workshop?

Look, there is no shame in not knowing what a writers’ workshop is. When I had my wisdom teeth pulled in college the nurse tried to stunt on me by telling me her daughter was going to Iowa. I was unimpressed, “Who wants to live in Iowa?” I said with disgust as I drifted into… Continue reading What Is A Writers’ Workshop?

How Much Does Editing Cost?

How Much Does Editing Cost?

You don’t have to be a professional writer to afford professional editing. Let’s compare the cost of four different types of editing services, from amateur to professional: Peer Editing software Penmob One-on-One Editing   Peer: FREE Most likely you’ve had a peer look over your writing for you. It’s free and, if it’s a fellow… Continue reading How Much Does Editing Cost?

5 Places to Find Other Writers

How to Find Other Writers

One is a lonely number even when you’re a writer. There’s only so much time you can spend clacking away at your keyboard before you begin to crave time with like-minded folk. Your community of writers is where you can turn when: You need someone to tell you if what you’re working on is any… Continue reading 5 Places to Find Other Writers

What Kind of Editor Do I Need?

Editing a paper

You finished your first draft, you’ve made your revisions and now you’re ready for an editor – Congratulations! But wait, what kind of editing does your piece need? There are several different levels of editing. When working with a freelance editor in a traditional one-on-one relationship, you’re bound by their particular style and skill set. But Penmob’s different. We makes it easy for you to work with a variety of editors with a variety of strengths.

Introducing Penmob

We could all suck a little less at writing. If you’ve never been a part of a writing workshop, I’ll set the scene. The draft of a story or essay, which the writer has worked on for three sleepless weeks, is printed out and in the hands of a roomful of fellow writers. They’re tapping the pages flush against the table in anticipation...